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Have you looked at your website today, I mean really looked at your website? Does it have what it takes? Do you satisfy all of your customers no matter which device are in the front of them? Do you rank well in search results? Do you have the honour of being rewarded with a nice little “mobile friendly” […]

10 Things to think about when… looking at your website

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Here are 10 free pieces of advice – 10 Things to think about when… someone in the organization would really like an app First of all – This post is NOT about games There are a lot of posts and articles around on apps – so are there room for more? yes, as an advisor within digital medias […]

10 things to think about when… mobile apps

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  Everything your company needs to know before choosing an email solution This weeks post is by guest author Jens Sonnenborg from the authorized email solution partner Mailleverandøren   1. What is digital communication? We have evolved from a world of paper and ink to a world where everything takes place digitally. In a business context, this means we […]

10 things to think about when…choosing an email solution

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“10 things to think about when… looking for a new CMS” When looking for a new CMS you will find that there are a ton or more and when visiting their website, more or less every single one claims to be the the answer to end all (CMS) questions. Well the truth is that over the last years […]

10 things to think about when.. looking for a CMS

10 things to think about when…   “10 things to think about when … “ is intended to give readers an insight in some of the important questions to ask yourself when choosing a digital / IT solution. I am totally aware that there are plenty others questions to ask and for some IT-professionals some of these advises […]

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This blog post is a bit different than future posts will be on this blog. I have decided that if i should begin to write a blog with the theme of “10 things to think about when…” it made perfectly sense to me to start the series with some of the thoughts i had before building the blog. […]

10 things to think about when…i decided to start a ...